Carolyn      Tatem


     Carolyn Tatem is a native of Washington, D.C. and a resident of Prince Georges County Maryland.  She attended Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1990.  She continued her education and went to The American University, Washington, D.C. and graduated with a Master of Science Degree in 1992.  

    Carolyn gave her life to the Lord at the age of twelve. Since that time she has been committed to serving the Lord and working in ministry. She was a member of Faith Bible Church (Washington, DC) for 15 years and moved to First Baptist Church of Glenarden (Glenarden, MD) in 1994.  She met her husband (Deacon William Tatem) while serving as a Youth Advisor in First Baptist Church of Glenarden's (FBCG) Youth Ministry. This year, they celebrate 21 years of marriage and have three children,

     Carolyn is a teacher by profession.  Ever since she was a little girl, one of her favorite things to do is teach.  She spent eight years teaching high school in Alexandria, Virginia (T. C. Williams High School), three years teaching middle school in Landover, Maryland (Shabach! Christian Academy), seven years of homeschooling, and currently teaches middle school students.  In October 2015 she was licensed into ministry at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden. In April 2018 she was ordained as a Reverend at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden. 

    Carolyn has served as a teacher/facilitator for the following ministries:  Youth Ministry, Home Maker’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and Queen Esther Ministry.  She and her husband have a passion for marriage and minister to couples through teaching in the Bible Institute, Couples Ministry and have been hosting a Newlywed & Engaged Couples Fellowship within their home for over ten years.   In September 2010 Carolyn published her first book “Marriage from A to Z” (Principles for a successful marriage).  Two years later, Carolyn published her second book, the “Marriage from A to Z Study Guide”.    She later developed a book for singles titled, "Marriage from A to Z for Singles."  In December of 2015, Carolyn published her 4th book, "Embracing Excellence."  

    In addition to having a heart for Couple’s Ministry, Carolyn also has a heart for Women’s Ministry.  She is the Director of the Queen Esther Ministry at First Baptist Church of Glenarden.  Queen Esther is a ministry that specializes in training and disciplining women for Christ.  Carolyn is excited about God using her for such a time as this!



     William and Carolyn Tatem are both saved and the love the Lord.  They met at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in the late 1990s while serving as youth advisors in the Youth Ministry.  After working together for two years, William started claiming Carolyn as his wife, the rest is history.  They spent months in counseling and took classes to learn about marriage God’s way.  On August 8th, they will celebrate 21 years of marriage. Together they have three children.

     William and Carolyn are dedicated and active members of First Baptist Church of Glenarden under the leadership of Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr.  William serves as a deacon, Carolyn is a licensed minister and serves as the Director of the Queen Esther Ministry (a discipleship program for women). William and Carolyn have a passion for marriage and have been involved in Couple’s Ministry since they were engaged. They have taught several marriage classes in FBCG’s Bible Institute for over 15 years.  

   Working with newlyweds and hosting a monthly fellowship for newlyweds in their home helped to inspire Carolyn to write the book “Marriage from A to Z Principles for a Successful Marriage.”  The book is based on their own marriage, their experience with other couples and God’s word. Carolyn teaches two classes titled Marriage from A to Z. One is for married ladies and the other is for singles.  The Tatem's also enjoy helping singles to prepare for marriage.   Their mission is to help keep relationships together forever.  Together with God, together as a couple and together as a family.  William and Carolyn are thankful for every opportunity that God provides to share His truth concerning marriage.